Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lazy days of summer

Actually, this summer has been anything BUT lazy! I decided to take a little time off this summer to spend with my kids and enjoy the last year before Cassie turns 18. Between a mini vacation to Napa with Ali and a couple friends, my nephew coming for two weeks, vacation starting today and our exchange student arriving at the end of the month, it has been busy, Busy, BUSY!!!!!
I have a ton of photos to post, but for the time being I decided to post a couple of my favorites! For those of you have have been emailing me about an update, I hope this holds you over :)
While my nephew, Chance, was here, Nick wanted to show Chance what he does. Chance had a great time learning how to weld a bit and saw what hard work it really is!

I always hate to see the Fourth of July end, because we have so much fun that day. We start off by going to see the Lincoln parade in the morning, come back and get everything ready for the party and then enjoy the rest of the day swimming, eating and having a great time! Chance had a great time with his Uncle Louie, Pat and Nick setting off the fireworks. He definitely felt like one of the guys!

Two days before Independence day was filled with a lot of activity. We started off the day by going to the Jelly Belly factory with Misty and the kids. It was a lot of fun and everyone got their sugar fix. The trip to the factory ended with us being locked out of the car. Misty accidentally locked her keys in the car, but fortunately the nice people at the factory had a wire coat hanger that I used to set those keys free! :) That evening both families went to the Rivercats game and had a lot of fun! We love going to the game (especially now that Kenz and Carson are a little older), because everyone has fun. We have our favorite section that we like to sit in and it makes for a relaxing evening of summer fun!

We're headed off to vacation this afternoon. I can't wait and I know we'll have a lot of fun. I'll post some photos of our adventures along the way. The destination of the trip is a surprise for Cassie (her 18th birthday is Saturday), so I don't want to go into a lot of detail, but let's just say she's going to have a blast!

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