Monday, August 10, 2009


I titled this post "Amazing", because that's what Stan said all day on Saturday. I apologize to all loyal bloggers who know that I post my wedding slideshows 24-48 hours after the big day. With a bridal show yesterday and some internet issues today I'm a little behind. In any case, on with telling you about this AMAZING [that's MY word for them :)]

This is a couple that I will NEVER forget. If you remember seeing their engagement post you may remember a little of their story. However, I'll fill you all in again and add some new details. Colleen and Stan are the newest success story for EHarmony. When Colleen decided to send her listing "global", I don't think she had any idea that her Prince Charming was several continents away. Stan is from Nigeria, and as far as I'm concerned, he is a true Nigerian Prince! They began corresponding about a year and a half ago and met for the first time in the summer of '08. After they talked online, and over the phone, for months and months, Colleen decided it was time to take a trip to Nigeria (it was literallly impossible for Stan to come here to visit). Full of apprehension and excitment she boarded a jet and after some 24+ hours on a plane, she landed in this far off land. Although it would appear that Stan had it easy by having Colleen make the flight, he had to make a difficult three hour trip to get to the airport. She wasn't sure she'd recognize him among all the other African men, but I don't think there was going to be too much doubt in him locating the pretty, blonde, American girl...afterall, how many could there be at the airport :) As she was anxiously awaiting getting through security, she was suddenly grabbed from behind and kissed! Stan had bribed a security guard so that he could meet is new love as soon as possible!

They spent the next couple of weeks getting to know everything about each other and falling even more in love than they already were. Near Colleen's last night in Africa, they went to dinner. Stan ordered bitter leaf soup and Colleen ordered rice. When the rice came it had a lid on it. Stan wouldn't let her open it until it cooled down enough so that she didn't burn herself. When it finally cooled down, she removed the lid and sitting in the rice were three rings-an engagement ring and a wedding band for each of them.
I know the next eight months or so were difficult for them because Colleen was in Sac and Stan was in Nigeria. After all the legalities with both countries were settled, Stan was on his way to his new life.
Now, if THAT isn't one of the most romantic things you've ever heard, I'd be surprised. I didn't have a chance to meet Stan until a couple of months ago when I did their engagement photos, but I felt like I already knew him. Everytime I talked to Colleen, she had a message for me from Stan.
One of the things I love most about this couple is the love that surrounds them. I'm sure there was a little nervousness on her families part (at first) about the international situation. However, this family LOVES Stan and it is apparent by anyone who was there on Saturday. Colleen is completely adored by her new husband and that comes through in every single photo I took of them that day. Just look at the candids and the smiles that are on their faces.
Saturday evening was great because of how this newly married couple brought in Stan's family. For the slideshow they asked me to incorporate some photos of Stan's family. We were also told that his family in Nigeria had a reception for all their friends. They couldn't be here in person, but they were, without a doubt, at the wedding in spirit. Lastly, Stan had traditional Nigerian clothing made for the two of them to change into at the reception...naturally with Colleen's favorite color :)
Mr. and Mrs. Ughachukwu, I am so thrilled for the two of you! I get a smile on my face everytime I think of you both and could not have been more proud to be your photographer (and now friend). The amount of love that surrounds the two of you is unbelievable. I can't wait to hear about the amount of joy the coming years will bring you.
I hope you get as much joy watching their slideshow as I had in taking the photos!


Dave's Bride said...

Beyond amazing! An awesome song for those of us who met our husband/wife over the internet! Beautiful couple ~ and another great production by the absolutely "amazing" photographer herself. Kudos Deb!

AB said...

Of course Kathy posted a comment first... she's probably been sitting at the computer, refreshing her screen all day! :)
Stan and Colleen are amazing!!!

Colleen said...

Thanks for a wonderful slideshow. We love the song, too. We had such a blast with you and your daughter. Thanks for making our day so special. You are an "Amazing" photographer. We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks so much! We love you!!!!
Colleen & Stan :)

Ann said...

Beautiful!! Colleen and Stan are adorable, and the pictures let that shine through. I love the slideshow! It was great to see you Debbie. Glad you got to meet Abby too :)


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