Friday, September 04, 2009

I thought I'd seen it all :)

Well Friday was the first of my triple header weekend. I will explain the title of this blog shortly, so be sure you read through the post :) I'm sure all my loyal stalkers will be happy little campers this weekend, because this is going to be one active blog because of three weddings!
If you read my blog on a regular basis, you well know how much I love what I do. Last night was, without a doubt, a wedding that will go down in my book of favorites. There was not one thing about this couple and their big day that I didn't absoultey love. Serena, Nick and I knew the first time we met each other that we were meant to work together. We just felt this connection that you feel with some people; and the strange thing is that each time we talk the connections just get more frequent. I've teased Nick about the fact that my daughter's boyfriend's name is Nick and talked about their similarities. Today I found out that Serena has two sisters named Debbie and Kim (Kim is my sister's name), and that her late mom's middle name was Faye (just like mine). I also love that this couple lives in Lincoln!
Serena and Nick were so great to work with. We had a couple "speedbumps" in regards to timing and photos yesterday, but they rolled right along with things and just went with the flow. I know a lot of brides and grooms who would have been absoutely panicked if the timeline got messed up. We all actually ended up laughing about it (including the groomsman who was late) and had fun with all the photos. They had eight people in their wedding party and these attendants were so gracious, fun and good natured, it made my job an absolute blast! I had an added bonus in that I got to work with a new wedding coorinator. Jen has been a bridesmaid in two of my previous weddings. She is a friend of Serena's, so offered to help out for the day. I had forgotten she was going to be there, so it was a great surprise having a new friend at the wedding! It was so much fun to work with her, and since she's starting her own business, I hope we have the opportunity to work a lot together (IF ANY OF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A COORDINATOR FOR YOUR EVENT, JEN HAS AN INCREDIBLE DEAL GOING ON RIGHT NOW, SO CONTACT ME AND I CAN FILL YOU IN.) The funny thing about Jen was that when she found out Serena was getting married she was going to recommend me as a photographer; at that point Serena and Nick had already heard about me through other channels and had already hired me! I love small world connections!
Serena's dress was incredibly beautiful and looked like it had been custom made for this gorgeous bride. Her dad looked so proud as he walked his little girl down the aisle (and what a dancer he is!!) Nick is one of those guys who loves his new bride so much, he was not embarrased or ashamed to show his emotions. I don't know who was more emotional during the ceremony-the new groom or his bride. From what I know of Nick, he is a seemingly mild mannered guy. Something happened at the reception that I would NEVER have expected. The money dance turned into a striptease (nothing rated "R"). Nick was down to his undershirt at one point, and having WAY too much fun dancing :) I think the initial instigator was one of his aunts. However, it got hysterically funny when he was doing some "dirty dancing" with some of his friends. I rarely do a wedding where some guy doesn't think it's funny to dance with the groom. It's usually very brief, but someone almost always gets a laugh out of it. This, however, was so funny I couln't stop laughing. There are a few photos in the slideshow of the little escapade; see if you can find them :) In all honesty, this is what a wedding is supposed to be all about; friends and family enjoying this special time together and creating fun memories that will be talked about for years. Serena is a lucky young lady because she has married a guy who isn't afraid to have fun and I'm sure will be full of surprises for her!

Serena and Nick, you are such a wonderful couple and I am SO happy I had the pleasure to work with you and your families! Everyone made me feel like I was part of your family and it was an honor to be a part of your day. Anyone who spends any time with you can see the amount of love that surrounds you. I wish you all the best and know that whatever obstacles you may encounter, you both will overcome because of your love, passion and sense of humor!

Be sure to take a look at their slideshow and leave them some well wishes.


Anonymous said...

Serena & Nick, The photos are amazing! Can't wait to see them all. I hope you enjoyed your special day and are counting down the days til your Honeymoon!! Marisa

Anonymous said...

Serena you have never looked more beautiful. I didnt cry at the wedding (I think I was the only one but reliving it through the pictures I did) you two could not have picked better spouses to compliment each of you. The pictures are amazing just like you.
We love you, Lisa and Erin

Anonymous said...

Nick & Serena, Thank you for enviting me to your wedding and being able to be be a part of sharing your new beggining of life together. Nick, you really moved all of us. It was so heart warming watching the two of you all evening bursting with love and excitement on your special day. I love you both, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Nick N Serena,

Your pictures are as beautiful, you bring so much joy and laughter to each other. And sometimes sorrow. You always seem to triumph in those tough moments. We wish you a long and happy marriage. Reading the blog and watching the video, makes me very happy that you have found one another.

Best wishes

Mindy N Chaz

Anonymous said...

Thanks you two for letting me be a part of your celebration! The blog and photos are great, the party was sweet, and outside my own, this was quite possibly the best wedding I have ever been part of! I wish you both everything marriage brings with it, and the courage and perseverance to make it through it all together!
Love you both! Ron

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning photos! May the joy you had in your hearts on this special day last a lifetime! Wishing you all the best! Congrats, From The Swinney's (Bruce and Kim)

Your Big Sis said...

Dear Neen & Nick - it was such an honor to be asked to be one of your bridesmaids and a joy to see the two of you so happy and in love. May you remember the feeling always, may it carry you through good times and not so good times. Loved the photos and look forward to seeing the rest of 'em. Love always, Kim XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Serena & Nick,
You both look so amazing. The pictures are stunning. Unfortunately I am unable to open the video. I truly wish you both much love and happiness through the years. I really wish I could have been there to see it live. Thank you for including me in your special day.

Much Love

Anonymous said...

Nick and Serena, I tear up everytime I play the slides. I love you both so much and I am so happy that you both found each other. The whole family said they had the best time. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

WOW...what beautiful photos! Your wedding was absolutely perfect. What a special way to "officially" begin the rest of your life together! Best wishes always!!
Love, Julie

Tyann Snake said...

OMG my cousin, I knew I would so greatly whoop myself for not being there but, the photo's took me as close to you as if I were there. I miss you sooooo much and I hope to see you soon and meet the man you chose to spend the rest of your life with. And Nick dynomite comes in small packages so you best treat her right, as I'm sure you will.Don't have your email so send it to me soon love you lots TYANN

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