Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A multi-faceted weekend and a cosmic happening.

A lot of you know that I had a wedding in Strawberry (near Tahoe) last weekend and are probably wondering where the post is. Sorry for the delay, but here it is!
Saturday morning my family and I got up and drove to Tahoe. As soon as I dropped them off, I headed an hour back down the hill to Strawberry Lodge, where I photographed Kathy and Mark's beautiful wedding! Kathy called me about two weeks ago and asked if I was available for her big day. We had actually already planned a trip to Tahoe, so I explained that I wasn't. However, when she told me where her big day was going to take place, I thought "This might work!". Happily, it did! When you see the slideshow below, you'll notice that this wasn't like most of the other weddings I do. Kathy really just wanted someone out there to photograph the special moments of the ceremony as well as portraits of the two of them and the "key players" in the family and wedding party. Since they didn't need me to stay for the reception, there are not any photos of the party, but I wanted to create a slideshow for them so they could relive all the fun...and this group was FUN; just take a look at the photos of the groom and his brothers! You'll find their slideshow at the end of this post.

HERE'S WHERE THE COSMIC HAPPENING TAKES PLACE! After I arrived back at the condo in Tahoe I was anxious to hit the "strip". I'm sure a lot of you remember Colleen and Stan from a wedding last month. Well, we found out each other were going to be in Tahoe, so we arranged for all nine of us to have dinner. We met up with them around 7:00 and sat down for dinner. Within about five minutes I asked Stan how his job hunt was going. I was so excited for him when he told us he got a job! It's through a temp agency, but at least he has his foot in the door. As he proceeded to explain about "Aerotech", he said he started earlier in the week and he mentioned my husband's company, Ceva Logistics. I did a complete double take (as did everyone else at the table), when Louie said "Stan works with me". WHAAATTTTTTTT????!!! How was this possible? He definitely had some explaining to do :) He told me that he thought he recognized Stan (and Stan said the same thing), but evidentally these two guys didn't think to say "Hey don't I know you?" (after all, Stan and Colleen were at our house a few weeks ago for dinner). It was absolutely one of the strangest "Twilight Zone" moments I had EVER experienced! What are the odds that Stan would end up working with my husband?!
The rest of the evening was spent shaking our heads (and for some in the group, shaking their bootys!). We all went over to Harrah's where Stan proceeded to dance for the next couple of hours with his beautiful wife, Ali, Cassie and Johanna. As much as I wanted to get on the dancefloor with them, I ended up holding the purses and such because I hurt my foot a couple months ago (and as of yesterday am now in a removeable cast-and I am NOT going to let it stop me from photographing!).

Another aspect of this post was the celebration that I photographed on Sunday. As soon as we arrived home from Tahoe, I put new memory cards in my camera and it was off to Trudy's 75th birthday celebration. A few months ago, two of Trudy's daughters contacted me about photographing the family in honor of their mom's birthday celebration. Just take a look at the family members...all 33 of them! Here are just a couple from that great afternoon!


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Colleen said...

Hi Debbie -
Stan and I had such a blast with you and your family! I'm so glad it worked out that we were all in Tahoe together. I enjoyed reading your blog and loved the pictures!!!!
Thanks for so much fun!
Colleen & Stan :)

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