Saturday, November 28, 2009

Windy, but warm

Forgive me for being behind a few days on my recent posts. With family here for the holiday, I enjoyed a little time off.

It was a cold and breezy day on Saturday, but the sun was shining through! The weather may have been very cold outside, but the love and laughter from everyone at the wedding created a lot of warmth. After the rain on Friday, I was a little concerned that Claudia and Mike's wedding would be rained out. It actually ended up turning out to be spectacular! Take a look at all the autumn leaves in the photos. Claudia is from Mexico and she and Mike met have so many of my clients this year. It was incredibly special for Claudia that her dad, and a handful of her friends came all the way from our neighboring country to share this day with them.

I only met this couple a few weeks ago, but liked them instantly. Claudia is as sweet as can be and she definitely found her prince. By the way, don't you think Mike looks like "Owen" from Grey's Anatomy? I actually knew he looked like someone, but couldn't figure it out until Ali brought it to my attention.

One of the things I loved about this wedding was the fact that there were less than 50 people in attendance. The room at Lake Natoma Inn was spectacular...what they sure know how to put on a wedding! Because of the time of year, Claudia and Mike chose to have the wedding in the same ballroom where the reception was held. With the amount of wind that was outside, this proved to be an extremely smart decision.

As I was photographing this couple, one of the things I found so charming was how Claudia scrunches up her nose and giggles when she's around her was so adorable! Enjoy their slideshow and be sure to leave this tremendous couple some comments and well wishes!


Bárb said...

Queridos amigos, no saben lo conmovida que me siento de ver sus fotos. Clau,te ves preciosa amiga!!
Te ves feliz y radiante, no sabes el gusto que me da. Mike, you look radiant too! Lamento no haber podido estar ahí compartiendo con ustedes la felicidad que transmiten sus fotos. El lugar está bellísimo! La gente se ve feliz! La fotógrafa excelente! No lo pudieron haber hecho mejor. Great Pics! Love U both, Bárbara

marianella said...

Great pictures, awesome wedding! Wish the best to Claudia and Mike in this new beginning! Un abrazo Clau y gracias por hacernos parte de este dia tan especial.
Mariana & Karla

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