Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The new studio is up and running!

Ah, after a month or so of daily work the conversion to the studio is finally a reality! Well, to be honest, it isn't completely finished yet, but it's done enough that it allows me to do portraits in it. I'm still waiting on the new doors to be completed and installed, another half a can or so of paint needs to be put on the ceiling and the rail system for my studio lights will go on the ceiling.

Even with those things still looming, I wanted to share with you the two sessions I did this week. Ruby and Derrick were the ones to christen the new studio. With the holiday last week, having to take my mom back to the airport Monday, and Derrick headed back to Humboldt, we didn't have a lot of options for time. However, we figured out a time and I'm glad we did...we had a lot of fun! You can tell how cute this couple is by these photos (Ruby's three favorites).
Next up was Alyse and Jason! They wanted photos for holiday cards, so they donned their St. Nick hats...ADORABLE!!! Jason was so funny because of how comfortable he was in front of the camera...quite unusual for a guy!

If you'd like to have your portraits created, give me a call and we'll schedule you're special session. If you'd like the photos for the holidays, give me a call right away!

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