Monday, May 24, 2010

Round 3

Saturday was a great day! I photographed two incredible weddings and met so many wonderful people! The morning was spent with Amy and Tim at the Slocum House in Fair Oaks. I had been to the Slocum House a few years ago and was really looking forward to this day, because I knew what a great venue it was. The one thing I didn't remember though, was the amount of chickens and roosters that walk the streets of Fair Oaks, and consequently a few of them wander onto the grounds of the patio at the Slocum House. It was so funny to see a few of them walking around like they owned the place ;) At the beginning of the ceremony when Amy and Tim's friend, Patrick (who was the officiant), welcomed everyone the roosters began crowing like they were the ones being spoken was a wonderful light-hearted moment.
One of the other great things about the ceremony was the way the wedding party walked out when it was completed. After the breaking of the glass at the end of the ceremony, the dj played "Forever" by Chris Brown and the wedding party danced their way back down the aisle...IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!! I think fun was really the theme for their wedding. Amy's shoes were a testament to that!
Amy and Chris met each other in '93 when he went to a Footlocker to visit a friend. Little did he know that he would meet his future wife that day. Actually neither of them could have imagined what was in store for them. From what I hear there have been a few stops and new beginnings for Amy and Tim. They broke up a couple of times and kept running into each other at various events over the years, and would begin dating again. I've been told this is "round 3" for them ;) They are an incredible couple and I'm so happy they found each other (again). I know that with the amount of love and laughter they both have, they will be happy for many, many years!


Alison said...

Great Job Debbie! It was so good to meet you!
Love, Alison

steph said...

Beautiful photos. They made me relive this wonderful day in my daughter's life. You did wonderful work. Thanks you so much,
Stephanie Mpnson

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