Monday, May 31, 2010

Headed to the coast

I left the rainy days behind me when I traveled west on Friday. With the doldrums of winter lingering well into spring, I was truly ready to have a wonderful weekend in Monterey for Kelly and Sean's wedding. Although the wedding wasn't until Sunday, I headed out on Friday for a couple personal adventures with friends and family. Friday night I met up with my cousin, Renee, where we enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner and then went to see Sex and the City 2. It was so much fun to spend the evening with her and catch up on things we don't have an opportunity to talk about when we see each other on the holidays. After we left the hilarious movie (which I would highly recommend), I headed down to Gilroy where I spent the night with Auntie and Uncle Bob. Although, I think we planned on leaving earlier on Saturday, Auntie and I didn't begin our journey to Monterey until early afternoon. I don't think we counted on traffic, but it took about twice as long as it normally does to get to Monterey.
It had been a while since I had been to the coast, so I was wondering what the weather was going to truly be like (especially after all the wet weather California has been experiencing). When we arrived, it was absolutely glorious! We had a late lunch, and then decided to head over to the rehearsal, where we were invited to the rehearsal dinner. I have known Kelly's family for about three years. I first met them when I photographed the wedding of her sister Kerry. It was wonderful to see Kerry and Brian again, and get reacquainted with everyone over margaritas and mexican food.
The weather on Sunday was just what I had hoped. It took me a little while to get to the park because the geese were out in full force yesterday. I think it took more than five minutes for someone to "convince" the geese that they just couldn't stand in the middle of the street. There was one particular goose that just did not like being told what to do ;) When I say geese, I'm not talking about one or two-it was more like a dozen! A pretty funny site to see that a dozen birds could completely stop traffic!
Sadly, Kelly woke up sick in the middle of the night. She was such a trooper as she was getting ready, and then later as we were doing photos. I kept checking with her to make sure she was okay, and I couldn't believe how well she was holding up. I think of all the weddings I ever photographed, this wedding was unlike any other. There were literally less than two dozen people in attendance, and it was on the beach on one of the most beautiful days we've had this year. It's always so much fun for me to photograph a wedding where I've had the opportunity to work with the family before, so that was just an added bonus! I loved the little touches that Kelly had selected for her wedding. Her color was Tiffany blue (and being the thoughtful bride she is, Kelly gave her sister Tiffany earrings!), and because of the location, seashells had to be a part of the theme. I was absolutely amazed at how Kelly and her mom could put a destination wedding together and had such an attention to detail. I loved the saltwater taffy that were in the little favor buckets, and the sand, shells and candles on each table were beautiful. One of the fun surprises for the day were umbrellas that Kay had printed. Each umbrella had a letter and when put together, they spelled "Kelly & Sean". Kelly also has two friends whose names are Kelly, so we did somthing with them and the umbrellas as well. Since my aunt was with me over the weekend, she graciously volunteered and helped do some setting up at the wedding (including putting flower petals on the ground as an aisle runner). By the end of the day everyone was calling her the "senior flower girl". As always, she was a really good sport, and it was fun to have one of my best friends with me!

The fun doesn't end with this couple even though the wedding is behind us. We wanted to do photos on the beach, but by the end of the day Sean was also sick, so the photo shoot was put on hold and will happen in a few weeks. I also will get to photograph their "reception" in June that they're having for all their friends and family in the Sac area. One of the things that endears this family to me even more is something that is a little unique. As I mentioned, Kelly's sister is Kerry. Believe it or not my brother in law's kids names are Carey (although spelled differently), Kelly, and Sean. WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?
Kelly and Sean, you two make me smile! Your warmth, silliness and love for each other is what makes everyone love the two of you. I feel like you and your famiies are "old family friends", and love the time I get to spend with all of you! Thank you so much for the "gift" and card you gave me yesterday-it was so thoughtful! You are both extremely blessed to be surrounded by incredible siblings, as well as extraordinary parents. I know you'll have a wonderful time in Florida, and I can't wait to see you both in a few weeks!
It was so easy to figure out what music to use for their slideshow, because it was a song they used as they were introduced as husband and wife (and also a favorite of mine from the '70s). Enjoy their slideshow and feel free to leave them some love!

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