Thursday, July 08, 2010

Spectacular is a complete understatement!

Tonight I attended the re-grand opening of Enchanted Bridal. You may be thinking "didn't they have a grand opening a few months ago?". The answer would be yes. However, The ladies of Enchanted Bridal had the opportunity to move into a larger location so they took the opportunity. Although they have moved, the Disney line of wedding dresses is still one of the things that makes them unique. I don't know many businesses,

especially in this economy, whose business is doing so well that they outgrew the original store in seven months. I am so proud of Enchanted Bridal Shoppe and how well they have done in such a short time. I hear time and time again, "Wow, Enchanted is better than any bridal shop I've been to"; "The customer service is so much better at Enchanted than it is at all those other stores I've visited".

The minute I walked into the new shoppe, I was impressed with everything about it! I think you'll agree that Enchanted Bridal Shoppe is inviting, spacious and elegant. They now have four dressing room for women who may be looking for bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and mother's dresses. One of the awesome things about the new store is they also have a tux department. Enchanted Bridal Shoppe really is one stop shopping for all the attire you'll need for your wedding. They are even selling the cutest flip flops by J*Flops Jennifer created the most adorable flip flops for the ladies of Enchanted complete with a pin that has their logo on it. One of the other areas of the store that a lot of though was put into is an area for the kids. The ladies wanted everyone who comes to the store to feel comfortable, so there are some activities for the kids while the adults shop.

The celebration this evening was a lot of fun. I couldn't believe how many people were there! Enchanted Bridal is going to be (if it isn't already) the most talked about wedding store in the area! It was great seeing familiar faces, but also meeting a few new ones. Jennifer Johnson from Party of 2 was there this evening, as well as Sue and Buzz Gallardo who put on some of the best bridal shows in California (if you're a future bride, don't miss their bridal show on February 20, 2011 at Cal Expo).
You'll see that people of all ages had a great time this evening. I think there were a few 2025 brides doing their dress shopping a little early.

If you were at the former location you really need to go to the new place. It's in the same center just a few doors closer to Trader Joe's. I have no doubt that Enchanted Bridal Shoppe will be the fastest growing bridal shop in California in no time!

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