Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Two people fell in love

Last Saturday was Bob and Sandy's 50th anniversary. Because of this celebration, people came from all over to join them in this happy occassion. I have known Bob and Sandy longer than I can remember. You could say they are family (at least I like to call them that). Sandy is my Aunt Pam's sister, so although we're not related by blood, it seems like we're family. Bob and Sandy's oldest daughter, Renee, and I were flowergirls in Aunt Pam and Uncle Bob's wedding in 1964...see I told you I've known them "forever" ;) Ever since we moved to Lincoln, Louie and I pack up the girls several times a year for holidays and head to auntie's and uncle's house in Gilroy, and consequently, the five of us have gotten to know Bob and Sandy's family even better over the last decade or so.
I wouldn't have missed the celebration last week for anything--it was as fun as I knew it would be! The party took place at my aunt and uncle's house, which was the perfect setting. The day started out by doing portraits of the three generations of the family...all 17 people (including the silly one at the top of this post)! Bob and Sandy have the most wonderful family. Their four kids are incredible, and their grandkids are so much fun. After the portraits were finished, all the guests began arriving. Although I didn't know many people, I knew enough people that it felt like I knew everyone...does that make sense? At any party, the real bonding experience happens on the dancefloor. People dance in groups with people they don't know, and everyone just gets silly. I think one of my favorite things about my family is how we all love to dance at parties. I didn't dance beacause I was too busy taking photos, but I was in the middle of the dancefloor anyway. The DJ was great because he played all the crazy songs that were requested. This family loves to dance to anything where they can get crazy-YMCA, the Chickendance, name it, and the "nerdier" the better. When you see the slideshow you'll definitely be able to tell the photos that were taken when Thriller was being played.
Bob and Sandy are two of the most incredible people I know, and I am completely blessed that I know them personally. They are the sort of people who make you feel welcome whenever they see you, and they really value their friendships; this was proven by the amount of people who were at the party. Thank you so much for including the five of us (plus Nick and Chance) in the celebration. You both should be very proud of the legacy you have built, and the love you have for each other will carry on for years to come through your children and grandchildren. Here's to another 50 years!!!!

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Auntie said...

What a happy group of people. Debbie, as usual the pictures capture the mood of the event which, in this case, was love and happiness.

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