Monday, September 20, 2010

Devin and Strand

Saturday was a spectacular day-the bride looked gorgeous, the groom (with his Dodger's hat) looked like the happiest man alive, and everything else that took place in Devin and Strand's world was perfect! I met Strand five years ago when he was in Lindsey and Keith's wedding. In fact, Keith is the one who introduced Devin and Strand to one another.
From the minute I arrived at the wedding yesterday, I felt like I was with old friends; Devin and Strand's families were incredible and treated me so warmly. When I think of this couple, I think about laughter. Each time I see them together, Strand seems to make Devin smile and laugh all the time.

 I love the emotion on the ladies!

The colors of the day undoubtedly revolved around the autumn season. The flowers and favors were so beautiful! Devin and Lindsey made the small jars of strawberry jam, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the jam was absolutely delicious! I brought a jar home and when Ali and Cassie tried it, they were blown away! The cake yesterday was created by Divine Desserts, and it did not disappoint!

On of my favorite unique touches from the wedding was a little beach vignette that one of Devin's friends made. I took complete advantage of it when it came to getting some photos of the rings. It gave me the opportunity to try out my new macro lens. If Saturday was any indication, I'm going to have a lot of fun photographing the details of the weddings with it!

This wedding was what I would consider "perfect". It was fun, the families and wedding party were awesome, the weather was beautiful, and all the planning unfolded without a hitch. I'm sure Devin and Strand's life together will be just as perfect as their first day as husband and wife!
Enjoy their slideshow, and feel free to leave some comments. If you'd like to see more images, please visit my facebook page.

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