Monday, October 11, 2010

True Love in Lincoln

 With each wedding I attend, I witness so much emotion and love. On Saturday, everyone who attended Lori's and Ken's wedding was greeted with love in a variety of capacities. Being a mom myself, I really felt the emotion between Ken and his mom. It wasn't difficult to tell how much this mother adores her son. That easily went through the generations, because I saw the same love between Ken and his son. From the minute Lori walked into the church, Ken would not take his eyes off is beautiful bride-and rightfully so-she looked exquisite in her dress that was reminiscent of the 1940s. Actually, because of the love a sister has for her brother, is why everyone celebrated this wonderful couple. From what I understand, Ken's sister, Karen, is the one who played matchmaker for the bride and groom. This couple was everything I had hoped, and a lot of fun...I would expect nothing less from a Lincoln couple ;) If you've read this blog often enough, you know how much fun I have at Lincoln weddings.

One of the things that made me laugh the other day was the activity that Ken was participating in after he arrived at the church. The alarm of one of the cars was going off, and Ken got right in there and was trying to disconnect what ever needed to be disconnected under the hood. I was cringing at the thought of his shirt getting greasy before the wedding. When I went over to remind him we needed to do photos ;), I walked away thinking he was shortly behind me. Ater a few minutes I went to see the actvity that was going on in another area of the parking lot. Wouldn't you know that one of the groomsmen locked his keys in his car, along with some of the jackets! It was quite a site to see all the guys on the "fishing" expedition, trying to get the door open!

Enjoy this happy couple and their was quite a day!

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