Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for the little things

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day that we all show our thanks; but I'm sure you know this-we should express our thanks everyday. Whether it's journaling our gratitude everyday, or taking a quiet moment to think, or pray, about what we're grateful for, it's something one doesn't often take the time to do. I'm guilty of this-I get so busy in the daily "process" that I take all the things I'm thankful for, for granted.

This morning I found out that a young person I know died unexpectedly yesterday. I don't know that I even know a word to describe the way I felt. I've been thinking about her all day and a lot of things have been going through my mind. I haven't seen her in a number of years, but her late mom was someone who reminded me what it means to be grateful for the things we have-big or small. I have tried very hard this year to be more cognisant of all the good things in my life. The catalyst for this thinking may have been a friend's suicide earlier in the year; maybe it was that fact that I had a milestone birthday halfway through the year; or it could have been that my "baby" graduated high school, and all the realizations that went along with that. Regardless of how aware I have tried to be this year, today gave me a punch in the gut, and I felt as though I was transported into a different reality.

Tonight before I go to bed I am going to take 60 seconds and think about things that make me love my life; maybe a moment today that made me smile; someone I care about who is a part of my life-even if I don't see that person as often as I like; the fact that I am fortunate enough to have my family around me for dinner every night and we all get to sleep in a wonderful bed everynight; or just the smile on a child's face, and their laughter, when I photograph them.

Maybe the key to us loving our lives is relishing the little things. Here's a mission for you...I want to hear about the little moments that bring a smile to your face tomorrow (not just on Thanksgiving, but any tomorrow). Feel free to leave a comment, either here or on my facebook. Even if you don't leave a comment, at least THINK about a small moment that brought you joy. God bless, and live in the moment!

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