Saturday, January 08, 2011

An afternoon with Kenz

Just before New Year's I spent a couple hours photographing Mackenzie. I couldn't think of a better way to end the year, but to do a fun, nonsensical, "just because" session with my favoite pre-teen! I've been photographing Kenz since she was about three. In fact, I put a couple of her previous photo sessions on here as well, just so you could see how little she was when I first met her (click on the photos to see them larger). Wow, time sure has flown by! One of the best things to come out of the time that I've known her is that she and Cassie have become as close as sisters. You should see the funny looks from people who know that Cass is the youngest of three girls, when she introduces Kenz as her little sister!  

Cass and Kenz "cooking" their crispy treats. Awww, I can't believe how little they both were!

A couple weeks ago I asked Kenz if she'd like to do a fun photo session and she JUMPED at the chance :) We knew we wanted an urban look and had planned on doing the session in Lincoln. Since I wanted to run out to Roseville that day, it suddenly dawned on me that we should go over to the old Tower Theater in downtown Roseville. We...struck...GOLD! I loooooooved the teal color building, and the fact that the old railyard was just across the street meant we hit paydirt. We had a blast-even taking photos on the dumpster! Obviously a session with Kenz, meant adding Cass into some of the photos.
  Cass and Kenz are as close as sisters. They picked out these shirts months ago and I knew I had to use them for the session! 

Other than having an unlimited credit card, I don't know anything that two young girls have more fun doing, than to ham it up for a photo session.

 If you know a pre-teen, then you know they are all about the 'tude! They are SO full of attitude that sometimes you have to remember how much you love them, just so you can get through the daily drama (believe me, having three daughters, I know that all too well!).

What made this so much fun, is all I'd have to do is say "give me some attitude", and away she went with the looks. She is always such a happy kid that it was fun to let her go with some really atypical expressions.

I've been trying to come up with a song that I wanted to use for the slideshow (and that would also be appropriate for a pre-teen's photos), and thought the song I selected would be perfect! Kenz loves GLEE, so it was a natural choice to select something from their repertoire. If you want to see more of her images just go to my facebook page.

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