Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello again! Yes, I've been gone a little while, but as is usually the case with the first of the year, I've been quite busy with other things besides weddings. I've been posting a lot on facebook, but have been a little lax with visiting my blog...please excuse the absence ;)

I titled this post "Winning" because we've all heard plenty of that word from Charlie Sheen, in recent weeks. Mainly I titled it that, because that's what the groom yelled at the end of the ceremony! Vanessa and Josh's day was absolutely long as you don't count rain. But, as Vanessa told her mom the next day, the rain were tears of joy from her grandmother in Heaven. I have been so excited about this wedding, and from the minute I met Vanessa and her mom, I KNEW this was going to be a SPECTACULAR day!!! It couldn't miss...the bride got her dress from Enchanted Bridal, the wedding was at Lake Natoma Inn, Mark the dj was superb, and Ester's flowers were exquisite!! Even if there had been a hurricane happen during the wedding, I think this family would have found some sort of silver lining in it, and gone on smiling throughout the day! Vanessa wanted outdoor photos so badly, so that was my main mission for the day. I always have a little trick when I'm photographing at LNI, but with it being windy as well, I wasn't sure it was going to work. Well, in the end a little wind and a lot of rain did not stop us!

What do you think about the newleywed's shoes? Pretty cool, huh? Vanessa looked gorgeous from her feet to her head. Her hair style by Ashley suited the day perfectly, and I just loved her "something old/something new". She wore the same garter that her mom, Dolores, did and the couple's adorable son, Andrew, selected the green jewel that adorned it. I think Vanessa is a very lucky woman. She has an adorable (and I might add hilarious, AND well behaved, son) who made me smile throughout the day; and she married a guy who adores Andrew and treats her like a queen. If their families are any indication of what their life will be like together, then I am confident they are going to have many, many decades of love and happiness!
As you're scrolling down to view the photos, don't forget to scroll all the way down to their slideshow. Feel free to leave them a comment, as well!

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