Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A wedding of sunshine, family and love

Well, amongst everything else that has been going in the last few days, I had the joy of photographing Sarah and Kevin's wedding on Saturday! I felt like I was hanging out with old friends all day. Several years ago I photographed Sarah's brother's wedding, so actually it was a group of friends!

The ceremony took place at Sarah's sister and brother-in-law's house. WOW, what a gorgeous place for a ceremony!! They have a little bridge in front of their house and that's where we chose to have Keith see his new bride for the first time. I hear Kevin is quite the romantic, so this was the perfect location!

This wedding was all about the details. From the family heirloom coin Sarah carried, to the way the FAMILY decorated the hall (and did all the cooking themselves). What an elegant, but fun wedding! The coin that Sarah carried was an old 1800's silver dollar that her grandfather carried everyday, for decades. In fact, he carried it so often that eventually both sides of the coin rubbed itself smooth. After her grandfather died, the family had his name, DOB and DOD engraved on it-how special!

When I walked into the reception room, I was speechless! I would have thought a coordinator put the entire wedding together. It was absolutely esquisite! Besides everything looking great, the food was mmmm, mmmm! did the adorable cupcakes, and I must tell you-of all the cupcakes I've ever eaten at a wedding, NONE have been as moist as here's! I wish I'd had a dozen, to go ;)

I'm so excited for you to see their slideshow and take a glimpse into this adorable couple's, perfect day! Feel free to leave them a comment, and go to my facebook page to see more images.

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Amy said...

You captured some great moments!

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