Monday, September 26, 2011

Married on the anniversary of their first date

Don't you just love this image of a bride, who cannot wait to marry the love of her life?!

I've been pretty behind on blogging all the weddings I photographed in September. It's been tough transitioning from a pc to a mac, and I think the fact that I'm going to be a cross platform user, is going to add a little extra time to my workflow for the next few weeks.

I can honestly say that this month has been one of the most fulfilling I've ever had, photographing weddings. I have had a variety of couples and have loved every single one of them. I'd like to introduce you to Kristina and Adam. Kristina called me last year (when she was attending school out of state), and I think over three phone calls, we spent about two hours talking to one another. She essentially booked me over the phone, but sent her grandfather and Adam over to meet me, and sign the contract.

One of the things I don't often get to do is to know the grandparents of my clients. Many times, I have the opportunity to get to know the parents, so this was a unique situation. I must say, I fell completely in love with Kristina's grandpa ;)  She had told me a lot of back story about him, and her close relationship to him, so when I met this gentleman, I felt like I already knew him. What a charming, eloquent man! Kristina told me about her grandparents' love story, so she is one lucky lady to have such a great role model of what a husband should be; and then to marry a man like Adam! This guy is the type of man that every girl dreams of--and deserves! Respectful, gracious, loving and funny are just a few of the adjectives that describe what I have witnessed with Adam, in the way he treats his wife.

This couple had one of the most fun wedding parties I've ever had the pleasure to work with. When I left the wedding that night, every single bridesmaid gave me a hug and didn't want me to leave! I felt like I was working with a bunch of people I had known for years...actually, that's the way I felt about Kristina the first time we talked on the phone ;)

Scroll through some of their photos, and when you get to the end, take a few minutes to look at their slideshow. I think you'll feel the same way I do....this couple is completely adorable!

Adam is a true Giants fan, and I LOVE this image!!!!

This shows the kind of relationship that Adam has with his family (and Kristina has the same type with her's). I left that wedding wanting to be adopted ;)

I said I think she looks like Kim Kardashian...but much prettier! ;)

Kristina and the three best role models a girl could ask for!

Yup, we laughed all day long!
The stunning cake, and it looked spectacular with the uplighting provided by Mitch.

I love this father/son moment.


BrittChic said...

Debbie.. WOW These photos look amazing I knew you were going to a spectacular job and you well exceeded that!!! Thank you so much for all of you great work at this wedding .. I knew Kristina had an amazing day she can remember forever thanks to you!!!

Its Brittany by the way!!

Karen said...

Beautiful! The day went so fast! Thankfully we have all these wonderful pictures to keep the memory alive. I cry everytime I look at them. Happy tears! Thanks for being GREAT at what you do and for the person you are.

Karen Jackson
"mother of the bride"

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