Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What a full weekend it was a few days ago. As I put on my facebook wall, full was actually more like fulfilling. After my daughter's college graduation, I headed over to Lincoln High School for the annual Relay For Life celebration; and it was just that, A CELEBRATION!!!! Several times over these weekends, I always end up in tears, and then I end up in tears again as I put my slideshow together. If you're one of my blog followers, you know that I always want just the right song for the images. This year I selected a song by Soraya, called "No One Else". This was a song that this singer wrote and dedicated to the Susan G. Komen foundation and ACS. What you may not know is that Soraya, herself, battled with breast cancer and she passed away at the age of 37. When you understand that, you see how haunting the lyrics are of this song, and yet how inspirational they are.

Inspiration is something I always leave with at these events. From the people who donate their hair for "Locks of Love" to those who camp out for a 24 hour period, and others who plan monts and months in advance as they're working on the committee. One little girl who should be an inspriation to us all, is the one who is holding the sign in the bottom photo. During the weekend, she told her mom she wanted to go home and clean out her piggy bank, so that she could donate to RFL. She came back with over $100!!!!

May you take these brief stories, or ones you know yourself, or the images in the slideshow, and find the inspiration to make a difference in someone's life. For those of you who I've met, survivors as well as supporters, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this cause-I'm honored. Without events like these, and people like all of you, something enormous would be lacking in our lives...HOPE!
Messages were sent for, and about, survivors. Seeing all the names in the tents reminds us that each of these survivors has friends and family who love them, and how many people cancer affects.

I want to take a moment and thank my second shooter, Carrie, for providing me some of the images while this mom was away at her daughter's college graduation. Thank you so much!!!!!

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