Friday, July 20, 2012

What could be more beautiful!

A couple weeks ago, I photographed a spectacular couple, in an extraordinary location! If you read my post, just before this one, you'll see that I was in Tahoe for a couple jobs. July 1st, Kim and George combined their famlies to be one. Kim has two children, and George has a son. The five of them make such an adorable family, and these kids are SO lucky to have such a great mom and dad. Kim and George met a couple years ago, via a dating site for single parents. From what I understand, it wasn't very long before they knew that this was what they both were looking for!

Kim's son walked her down the aisle, her daughter was one of the flowergirls, and George's son was a ring bearer. They have a couple very special kids in their lives. George's son is such a wonderful little boy; every child with special needs should be lucky enough to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy. One of the other flowergirls is George's niece. I don't remember how old this little miracle is, but she was recently cleared of all the cancer that her little body has been fighting for the last few yaers. Not only was this a great weekend to celebrate the union of two families, but it was a wonderful weekend to celebrate such happiness in the family.

Please enjoy their slideshow, and know that this is one of those couples that only comes around once in a while. I was so blessed to be able to work with them, get to know them, and spend a spectacular day with them! To see more of their photos, please visit my site on facebook

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