Thursday, August 23, 2012

Her grandmother was there

I know I've been a little absent with my blog lately. I've been doing so many charity events, that I just haven't been very good about posting on anything other than facebook. I promise I'll try a little harder ;)

However, if you've been waiting for a new post, do I have one for you! Saturday was Haylee and Geoff's wedding! This wedding was so special and unique that I just couldn't contain my excitement when I came home and looked at the images.

The most special aspect of the day was the fact that Haylee wore her late grandmother's 60 year old wedding dress. It looks like it was made for Haylee! It didn't have to be altered and it was just something so special to witness, as she put it on with her grandfather waiting just outside. I tucked her behind the divider of a room, and when he came in, she came around the corner. What a special moment. Her grandmother was definitely there in spirit and a huge part of her granddaughter's wonderful day. To top off how extraordinary the day was, the bride and groom were driven off in her grandfather's '54 Packard. EXQUISITE!!!!

Everywhere I turned, I felt like I was actually IN Pinterest! Geoff's mom did all the flowers (and she is not a florist, but SHOULD be!). Unfortunately, this client only hired me to photograph prior to the ceremony, the ceremony and formals afterwards. I did go to the reception site for a short time to get some images of this incredible reception, but I won't lie-I wish I had been contracted for longer. That reception site was going to be spectacular in the evening! One of my favorite reception things to photograph is a wedding tent just after dusk, with all the twinkling lights....ahh, simply magic. The reception took place at Haylee's parent's home and a large tent was placed in the back to house the 300 guests. Parasols and lights were strung from the ceiling of the tent, and wine accessories seemed to be the decor of choice.

This wedding party was huge, BUT A BLAST TO BE AROUND! The girls all wore short purple dresses WITH cowgirl boots! Even the flower girls were in boots. One of the other touches were what she added to her bouquet. Haylee purchases broaches from antique shops and added them to her flowers-simply gorgeous!

Geoff and Haylee were fixed up by her cousin. When I asked Geoff how they met one another, he said, "I met her over the phone". Haylee said she was a little annoyed that her cousin had given her phone number to "some guy", but obviously Geoff did not dial a wrong number ;)

I'll let you in on a little secret-I had never met the bride and groom until the wedding day. Haylee hired me over the phone strictly on the recommendation of a friend of her's, who was a former client of mine. I was so honored and flattered that this couple trusted me so much to not see any more than her friend's album and my website. Haylee, thank you for asking me to photograph your special day. It was so spectacular, I was almost speechless.

Well, I'm so excited for you to see these images, that I'm not going to put it off any longer. Enjoy their slideshow, and cruise on over to Facebook to see a couple more images.

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