Wednesday, April 25, 2007


After dealing with rain the last two weekends it was so much fun to photograph in beautiful weather last night! The "Getting to know you session" with Bob and Lacy was FUN!!!! I renamed my "engagement" sessions to "Getting to know you" sessions because I want clients to look at this as an opportunity for the three of us to get to know one another, while creating some fun photographs-and memories. And, wow, did we ever get to know each other last night! Our session was at Lacy's grandparent's ranch. Just a little patch of land...400 ACRES WORTH! Once we walked away from the house we spent the next three hours having a blast!!! We took some photos under the roof of the barn that has been standing for, I think Bob said, about a hundred years. We walked the property a little and then went on an adventure. We hopped into the jeep (well, more like climbed--I should have taken a photo of Bob having to push Lacy up into the vehicle) and headed up into the hills...good thing the jeep is 4 wheel drive, because smooth terrain it wasn't. Bob and Lacy told me about how they were fixed up for a blind date and how the "coordinators" just knew that they were right for one another. We chatted about the wedding a little, talked about the things we have in common and just enjoyed being in the fresh air. One of the things we have in common is that Bob is a HUGE Ohio State fan and I'm the daughter of one :) Growing up in a house where Ohio State reigned supreme (at least in my dad's eyes), I know that those Buckeye fans are a dedicated breed :) Bob loves his Buckeyes so much that he has a beautiful Ohio State logo tattooed on his back (what a fun story that was to hear!). Lacy grew up in Lincoln, so having their photos taken at the ranch meant a great deal to her. Bob seemed right at home on the ranch and I asked him if he'd always been "a cowboy". Other than a little hunting and fishing he said he really just made the transformation when he started dating Lacy. It was fun to see the two of them in an environment that meant so much to them. I truly feel that this property is in their souls. There was just so much pride in Lacy's voice when she told me about growing up on this property--I think this is her own little piece of Heaven. On the way home I had an incredibly warm feeling about the last few hours I had just spent. Being on such amazing land and watching the sunset was a very humbling experience; an experience which, like most people, I take for granted. I'm going to make a conscious effort to take a little more time to enjoy the beauty at the end of each day and not be so consumed by how crazy life can be most days. If our plans work out, we're planning on taking some post wedding photos of Bob and Lacy on the property in the fall.
Take a look at their slideshow to see some of my favorite photos!
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