Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting to know them

I have two sessions I'd love to share with you on this post. Chelsea and Jay are first, followed by Leslie and Joel. I have been busy doing a bunch of Getting to know You sessions lately!! I have such a crazy September, October and November, that I've been packing all my sessions into the last couple of weeks. I have had so much fun getting to know each of my clients and hearing more about them and their upcoming wedding. I photographed Chelsea and Jay last week, along with baby Jayden. Ooohh, I just couldn't get enough of the baby--he's soooo cute!!! I had a great time getting to know these new parents and telling them all about what parenthood has in store for them. I know they are going to continue to be wonderful parents; you can just see how their eyes light up whenever they are around Jayden or when they talk about him. Take a look at their photos!

A couple days later I photographed Leslie and Joel. They are such an adorable couple, but they make me feel sooooo old--they are the same age as my daughter Ali!! Ugghhh, for years I used to be the same age as all the brides, now I'm the same age as a lot of the moms! Leslie and Joel were so excited about the location where we did the photo and we had so many laughs. They were so easy to photograph-I got some great romantic shots of them, but a lot of fun ones where their personalities were able to shine. Joel seemed sort of hesitant to ask me, but he said "do you think it would be possible to get a couple pictures of my car?" Are you kidding!...a classic Nova...ABSOLUTELY!!! He told me the story of his car and how it became restored. He was such a proud guy...posing with his girl next to his car--very cute~!!

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