Saturday, September 08, 2007

Susan and Colin

As I posted a few days ago today was Susan and Colin's wedding. It was a very intimate gathering of their family and closest friends...I think there were less than 40 people who celebrated with the happy couple! Susan and Colin decided they wanted to do as many of their photos ahead of time as possible, so this meant seeing each other before the ceremony. It was so touching to see this couple share this special moment together. I can imagine how important this day was for the families; knowing that not too long ago Susan and Colin were in Iraq and Afghanistan. To see the two of them standing in front of all the people they missed so much, and sharing such a joyous occasion made me really appreciate how much each of our servicmen and women sacrifice for us. The happy couple are honeymooning in Tahoe and then will be moving to Alabama to begin their new life together!! Check out their wedding album.
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