Monday, October 01, 2007

Courtney and Nick

In addition to Pascale and Kenya's portraits last week, Courtney and Nick were on the calendar. The two of them and their little boy are so stinkin' ADORABLE!!! I had forgotten how they met, but Courney's mom (who was there helping with the baby) told me that Nick and Courtney's brother have been best friends for ten years. Having siblings (and being the mother of three daughters), I can just imagine how that story played out at first :)
Courtney and Nick are getting married next year, but I'm glad we did their getting to know you session now while the baby was still little. They don't stay small for very long, so it was fun to capture some of him while he was so young-even though he didn't think the photo session was as much fun as all the adults did! :)

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