Monday, October 01, 2007

Pascale and Kenya

Last week was a crazy week, but A LOT of fun!!! Besides doing some photography at one of my favorite preschools I had the opportunity to photograph Pascale and Kenya. I met Pascale at a bridal show a couple months ago and after some postponing and rescheduling we finally got a chance to work together-and I got a chance to meet Kenya. What a fun couple!!! The two of them met via the internet-this seems to be a sign of the times because several of my couples have met this way.
I know they don't have all their wedding plans down yet, but I would love to be able to photograph their wedding. I asked Kenya if he had ever done any modeling because he was so natural in front of the camera; actually they both were natural models. Pascale and I had a chance to chat while Kenya ran out to the car and I loved hearing about their love story. Pascale is so in love with her prince charming and I know they'll have a happy life together!

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