Saturday, November 10, 2007

A 15 hour day!


Today has been an extremely exhausting day, but one I really enjoyed! I left the house for Debbie and Mike’s wedding at 7:45 am. The wedding was at..where else?...Lake Natoma Inn. You may remember my blog post about this great couple of mine from our Rivercats engagement session back in August. Debbie finally found her Prince Charming and I must say, he treats her like a true princess! Debbie and Mike’s wedding party consisted entirely of family-siblings, Mike’s kids, nieces and a nephew. This wedding was all about family and the love they all have for God; it was a VERY spiritual morning! Based on a story from the Bible, Debbie and Mike performed a foot washing ceremony during the reception. Jesus told people that this was a true way to show love for one another, so very gently and purposefully, Mike washed Debbie’s feet. There were many people in the room who were quite moved by the ritual. It may have taken a while for them to find true love, but now that Debbie and Mike have found it I know their romance will stand the true tests of time!


Round 2 began just a couple hours after the end of Debbie and Mike's wedding. I rarely do two events in one day, but Betty's daughter-in-law and son contacted me about photographing Betty's 80th surprise birthday party, and I thought "hmmm two events at LNI-what the heck". There were about 50 people there and I think they were all related to the birthday girl!!! I photographed four generations, families, siblings, name it, I did it tonight :) Betty was suspecting some sort of celebration for her big day, but she had no idea the scope of what was planned. I had never met any of the family until this evening, so it was fun to meet all 50 family members at once!!! I had an opportunity to chat with Betty for a few minutes and she told me that last year she took a cruise to...get ready for this...Antarctica!!! She said it had always been a lifelong dream of hers and it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

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