Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another new arrival in less than a month

In case you hadn't noticed, my new blog has arrived!!! My new website was released a couple of weeks ago and now my blog has a new look to it as well. I am very excited to have a blog that is more suited to me rather than the standard templates. Some of the new features that come along with the new blog are a lot of items on the right sidebar. From time to time I'll be posting new links for some of my favorite things...and ANYTHING goes! Some of these things will be my personal favorites and some of the things will be favorites of my clients that I want to pass on to you.

To make my blog more unique I have a rotating banner at the top. Each time you refresh your browser, or return to my blog, you will probably notice a new collage. My plan is to put up a new banner featuring at least one wedding and engagement session a month. Be on the lookout, your wedding or portrait session may be featured soon!

One of the interactive additions will be my monthly polls. I'll be posting at least one new poll a month and they will last one week. I'll also have contests from time to time and the winner (usually the subject of the photo) will receive a prize. By having these polls I'm hoping it will give me some insight as to what you, my clients, want to see more of. For this month please vote on the following photos. The poll is at the bottom of my right sidebar.

I also want to take a minute to thank Madeline for helping me lay out this new beauty!!

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Lauren said...

uugghhh photo two should not be winning! vote photo three vote photo three!!

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