Tuesday, February 05, 2008

An AMAZING day in our history!!

I just can't believe how excited I am about Super Tuesday today! I have to be honest here-I have really become disenchanted with our government and the politicians. Our country is just in so much turmoil right now and it seems that the citizens of the USA have become faceless to our government. I won't get on my soapbox and tell you who I would like to see win because I think that's something that is personal and is up to each individual person. I will, however, tell you that this is probably the most thrilling, important and historic election we've seen since women and blacks were given the right to vote. I'm very excited that we have a REAL choice this time and that race and gender, will hopefully, be an issue of the past. It was also fun to go to the polls today because my 19-year-old daughter, Katie, went with me to vote in her first election! I hope she realizes how special this day will be as she gets older.
Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, I know you'll vote for the candidate you think will do the best job for our country. In all the bantering I've heard from the candidates in the recent months, one of the impressions I have come away with is that they are REALLY seeing how helpless we feel. They understand that we've been cast aside and they want us to know it's our country and the president is working for US!! I think they want to fix what has been broken for a number of years. Let's hope our voices are heard and may the best man OR woman win!!!!!!!!!

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