Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little Ones

Well, this is long overdue, but I finally have some photos of my niece for you to see. With the big bridal show last week and trying to get my new website up, I got behind on a few things.
The story of my niece's arrival is very special. My sister and her husband have been trying to have a baby for quite a while and, unfortunately, things weren't working out the way they wanted. They live in Colorado and have some very good friends, Amy and Karen who have adopted two children-Erin and Jordan. Erin and Jordan were adopted through a wonderful agency, so Stephanie and Mark began the adoption ball rolling. The end of October they received a phone call that a young African-American mom gave birth to a little girl. Emma made her debut about ten weeks early, and although she was tiny this little girl is one tough cookie!!! She came home shortly before Christmas, still being on oxygen (because of the altitude) and has been running the household ever since! While my parents were there visiting, Emma seemed to find her way in to my mom's arms on a constant basis (a fact for which my sister is now paying!:) Actually, when we were there, if Emma wasn't being held by my mom, my daughter Katie seemed to latch onto her. It's been about ten years since there has been a baby in our family, so I think everyone is making up for lost time!
During my visit I wanted to photograph all these adorable faces. I obviously didn't have my studio setup, but I created a makeshift area with a backdrop and lots of window light. I couldn't wait to photograph these kids in action! By action I mean, Jordan was running all over the place and being a typical three-year-old; Erin wanted NOTHING to do with her photos being taken; and Emma...well, Emma sort of did what all infants do :)
These three beautiful kids may not have come into their families the "conventional" way...On second thought they did-they were brought to their parents just like every other child initially is-in the hearts of their parents.

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