Thursday, February 07, 2008

PLEASE hug your loved ones!

"Life is precious and we should value each day." I know this seems like a trite statement we've all heard many many times in fact that it may have lost its meaning. However, the truth of the statement rings so loud it should be deafening, if we would only be willing to listen.

One of my client's lost her fiance last night. I won't go into details, however in her fiance's honor I wanted to remind us (myself included) that we never know what our future will be. Life is not fair, and it certainly shouldn't be taken away before we've even had a chance to live it.

Many times there is a strong emotional bond between my clients and myself. So, I can't begin to tell you how deeply saddened I am when tragedy strikes them. Maybe the closeness I feel to each of them is what makes me love what I do. I guess it would be difficult to photograph people and capture their intimacy without having a personal stake in them as well. When I told my daughter about the heartaching news, she posted the following on her blog..."Lastly, a quick mention to someone who lost a loved one unexpectedly. I think as we begin to enter into Lent it's important to remember that we are always better off than we think. As Fr. Bill said last night at mass, the weather during Lent- rain and darkness- is a symbol of our sins and pain. However, as the rain passes, so does are suffering.
So, as we worry about the small showers in our life, please remember that someone else is experiencing a downpour."

Please hug those you love, and pray for those who are in pain.

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