Friday, March 21, 2008

Some suggestions and a new find!

So, I was in Walmart the other day and saw something that may be of interest to all my upcoming brides. In the Easter candy section they had color themed candy. It struck me that someone who wanted to use some candy in their favors could have their pick of colors AND get it half off AFTER Easter! Yes, they were all pastel colors, but it would be great for someone who needed bulk and cheap!!

Secondly, this is the time to buy those dresses for the flowergirls. Easter dresses are PERFECT. They're inexpensive (compared to the dresses at the bridal stores) and a great choice for a wedding!

Lastly, I found a great computer repair place here in Lincoln. I had a computer issue that needed to be resolved ASAP and Bytes Onsite was the answer for me. They also have stores in Auburn, Citrus Heights and Roseville/Rocklin. Give them a chance if you have the need!

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