Saturday, May 31, 2008

LNI part 1 of 2

Yesterday was the beginning of my double weekend at Lake Natoma Inn. Ashley and Jeff's wedding took place on a beautiful, spring, Friday evening. This is a very special couple! They have gone through more together as a couple (and individuals) than any two people I know. Who knows what really is the force that connects two people together; some say it's fate, some say it's luck, while others say it's the Omnipotent. After getting to know Ashley and Jeff I would actually say it's a little of all three. I have tremendous respect for the two of them (as well as their families) and this wedding was SUCH an honor for me to attend! Ashley's adorable son, Bryce, was SO excited about his mommy marrying Jeff. It was very easy to see what sort of relationship Jeff has with his new son and the fact that Bryce has called Jeff "dad" all along, just shows what sort of man Jeff is! Jeff has earrings in both ears and as any good husband would do :) he removed those earrings for all the photos yesterday; well for most of them anyway-what a guy!!!
Many times, by the time a wedding comes along I have gotten to know the bride and groom very well, but don't know much about the parents. This wedding was a lot of fun for me, because in addition to the couple I had also gotten to know Ashley's mom quite well. Rene was an AMAZING help in every aspect of the wedding planning and I know the wedding was as beautiful as it was because of all her efforts--way to go Rene!!!
Lastly, I wanted to give some kudos to someone from yesterday. Jeff's younger brother was supposed to walk the stage at graduation last night, but instead attended his brother's wedding. Graduating from high school is a huge accomplishment and what a wonderful young man for giving up that memeory so he could share his brother's day with him!!
Enjoy their slideshow and feel free to leave a comment for them. This is the song I used for the dvd slideshow I made for them, and it's just so fitting for this couple that I decided I needed to use it again!


Anonymous said...

Thank You so very much Debbie, for capturing this picture perfect moment. Can't wait to see all of them. You do amazing work. Rene left no stone unturned. It was beautiful, in every way possable. We are so very pleased and blessed about Jeff and Ashley's comming together. Along with both our families reuniting. You captured it all. Thank You. The Davis family.

AB said...

I loved, loved, loved the pictures- they and the bride and groom were truly beautiful.

Weech Family said...

I am holding Bryce as we watch these beautiful moments that you have captured. Every photo I see brings tears to our eyes. What a blessing you have been given to do such wonderful work with your camera! I am speechless and in awe. Paul and I have peace in our hearts knowing that Ashley & Bryce are happily-in-love with Jeff. Your work in capturing this happiness is priceless. Thank you for your help, your guidance, your patience, and of course your expertise.
The Weech Family

Teresa said...

The pictures are so so so beautiful words can't say enough!! The pictures say more than words spoken can say!!! I feel so honored to have been apart of this long coming reunion! Wishing Ashley, Bryce & Jeff best wishes and blessings forever and over both families as they come together!!

SHANNON said...


LeeAnnChiara said...

Debbie thanks so much for capturing this beautiful wedding. I don't think anything could have been any different. This was the most beautiful wedding, all of the hard work paid off. Ashley, Jeff and Bryce will have the greatest story of all displayed by all of your hard work. Thanks for allowing me to view this very special event again.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful wedding!! Jeff & Ashley Congradulations!!!!!!!! Love all the photos! You 2 truly belonged together all along! I remember when you guys would come over when Johnny was just a baby and you 2 so younge! Love you guys have a blessed life together

Love, Rosie

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