Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tiffany and Charles (LNI part 2)

One of the weddings I have really been looking forward to was yesterday. Tiffany and Charles have been together for 17 years and their big day finally arrived! NO, they haven't been engaged all that time :) When I was telling Ali about the incredible day she said "Mom, that means that Tiffany met Charles when she was MY age! :) I have been so excited about this wedding because of how awesome Tiffany is-not to mention that red-heads are special to me :). I think of all my brides this year, Tiffany and I have the most in common-we have so many of the same personality traits. One of the ways that we're so much alike is that she has such a big extended family-you know the kind-you call someone family because you love them, blood related or not :) We both love to fill our life with kids. Just look at her with some of the "men" in her life!
In fact when I got to her room yesterday the first thing I did was start photographing her nephew Jeremy. All the women were around getting ready and there Jeremy was relaxing in the jacuzzi tub watching a dvd; what a life!! He was just so cute and so animated that his mom kept asking me to take his photo-I'm sure when he thinks back he will wonder why he was taking a bath in the middle of a room full of women-and he may cringe a little:)
When I started photographing Charles I couldn't believe the smile on his face. I told him that I just couldn't get over how happy he looked! He had a huge smile when he saw his bride for the first time as well. I found out that Charles loves to fish, so I was teasing the two of them last night that she caught him 17 years ago, but it took her that long to reel him in-but what a catch!!!!
It was great to be back at LNI for the second day in a row, and just as Friday, the weather was beautiful! I think I better appreciate the good weather while I have it because from here on out I have a feeling the heat may be playing a huge part of my weekends! What was so much fun for me about this wedding was the group of people I was blessed to work with. There was so much laughter and joking going on that I had a great time. When I got in the car last night I was thinking to myself about how lucky I am to get to meet so many wonderful people on the weekends. Tiffany was thoughtful enough to seat me at the table with all her work friends and I had a great time getting to know all of them. Thanks to all of you for allowing the "hired help" to enjoy a delicious meal with you-it was a lot of fun!
I really tried to get this slideshow up asap, because (I think), Tiffany is my number 1 blog stocker ;) and I didn't want to disappoint her. She's always telling me how she looks at my blog all the time and yesterday she mentioned the little project I have going on at home. I was teasing her that sometimes I think to myself when I'm posting something "Well, I'm not sure who's going to see this post, but I'm sure Tiffany will" :) Here ya go Tiff, this is what you've been waiting for. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TIff and Charles for including me in your day. I hope our relationship continues to grow and that I'm photographing the two of you for years and years to come.
They're not leaving for their honeymoon for a week, so leave a comment for them to enjoy; let Charles know how happy you are he was finally reeled in :)


AB said...

You need to stop doing such a good job- this slide show was amazing too. They did look so happy and all those kids are so cute!!

The Ellis Family said...

Wow! Tiffany you look so beautiful! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. Way to go Charles!

What great pictures Debbie! You did an amazing job! I look forward to having you take some of Joe, Ally and I!

Kelly Beltz said...

Tiffany, you looked so beautiful...Charles is a lucky man!!!! We had a wonderful time. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day.
Love, Kelly

Jaime Green said... are one of my dearest friends. Thank you and Tiffany soooo much for honoring me with an invitation. I had a wonderful time witnessing you two FINALLY tie the knot. Many more blessed years for the two of you. These pictures are breathtaking...job well done, Ms. Brown! The black and white photo at the end of the slideshow showing you two sitting facing the gazebo is priceless. xoxoxo

Tara Hausmann said...

You two look absolutely beautiful. Charles, the look on your Mom's face when the two of you are dancing is priceless. I can't believe you actually did it!
Love ya,

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