Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a difference a week makes

Wow, this time last week I thought I would melt into a puddle of goo because it was so hot. Today Melanie and Zac's wedding almost didn't take place outdoors because of RAIN! I think Melanie is glad she got married this weekend instead of last weekend for another reason-she was SO sick last week. I felt horrible for her; her bachelorette party was last weekend, they were having a party for her at work on Monday (that she had to miss, because she was ill). Fortunately, she healed as the week went on and she was absolutey glowing today!

I was teasing Mel and Zac today that they must like the wet weather, because their engagement portraits were done on a very wet day earlier this year. I first met Melanie last fall. She and her sister, Stephanie, came to see me and we hit it off instantly! We were talking today about how fun and easy that first meeting was. The three of us were just sitting around chatting up a storm like we'd known each other for a long time. I know, it seems like I say this about a lot of my couples; and, i guess I do. But, I think that just proves to me that (at least in my situation) people hire photographers who are a lot like themselves. I find that a large portion of my couples are outgoing like I am, with a little bit of the craziness and silliness that I have :), and Melanie is NO exception (Zac seems to be a little more reserved-sort of like my own husband-which is probably a good thing for everyone's sanity :) ). Zac is such a sweet guy and when I saw how he reacted when he saw his bride for the first time I was really moved. Their families could not have been more fun to be around. I actually started giving Mel's family nicknames because they reminded me SO much of my nutty family. Her aunt and uncle were dubbed "Aunt Pam and Uncle Bob" after my own wacky relatives. It was fantastic to finally get to meet all the parents as well. As Mel's dad put it "it was great to finally put a name to the voice" (I've had many a conversation with her parents over the phone and it was a blast working with them, finally).

The day started off unique. When I saw the shoes Melanie was going to be wearing I got so excited...FUSCHIA!! The ceremony was set to be outdoors, then it was moved indoors, and then back outdoors again because we weren't sure what the weather would be doing at 5:00 (it turned out to be perfect!) One of the other things that made this wedding truly unlike any other wedding I'VE EVER DONE-was that at the end of the ceremony, Mel and Zac still weren't married! Yes, you read that correctly! The marriage license was obtained in one county, but because the ceremony took place in a different county, it wasn't legal. I was there when Zac told Melanie. The good natured person she is, all she could do was laugh!! It's really not a problem, because Zac's dad is a minister (who did the officiating today), so he is going to marry them later this evening as soon as they cross county line. The three of us sat there and laughed about it as they tried to figure out when and how they should tell the family. They decided to tell Melanie's mom and her reaction was pricless! I think her words were something like "That's not funny". When Zac explained it to her and told her the solution we all got another good laugh out of it!

It was another GREAT day at Lake Natoma Inn. Actually the next six weddings I have will be there (TWO next weekend)! Mel and Zac, thank you so much for making me laugh today and reminding me how lucky we are to have the families we do. I told you how much your family reminds me of mine, and that is a true compliment! Have a wonderful time in Cancun!

Take a look at their slideshow and feel free to leave a comment for them to enjoy before they take off on their honeymoon! I remembered that Zac really likes George Strait, so this song is for him and his new bride :)

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AB said...

Super cute! I love the way you captured all the pink. I'm glad the weather held out- everyone looked beautiful!

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