Friday, July 18, 2008

A three year wait

That's how long I've waited to work with Amy, Patrick and their families. I told the story of our "relationship" in their engagement session blog post.Amy and Patrick's engagement session Well, Friday was the big day!
It was a perfect day from beginning to end. The part of my job I LOVE the best is the friendships I form with my clients. Because of that, it makes the photography almost effortless. Amy and her mom, Renee, have been INCREDIBLE to work with over the last year and the rest of the family was just icing on the weddiing cake ;)

It was especially fun Friday because it seemed like everytime I turned around I was running into someone I knew. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I knew one of the bridesmaids. I've worked with Monique and her kids before and her husband was a teacher for two of my daughters. I also got to see a mom of one of my former brides. Actually, Cynthia, I think, is the reason I got the job working with Amy and Patrick. I photographed Cynthia's daughter's wedding a couple years ago and she was kind enough to recommend me to Amy and Renee. Then, during the reception someone slapped me on the arm. As I turned around to find who wanted to hit the photographer ;) I saw one of my neighbors!

Anyway, back to the wedding...Weddings are supposed to be filled with love, family and friends. There is no doubt in my mind how much people care about these families. The church was packed and the reception hall was overflowing with love and good wishes. I think there must have been 300 people!!

Amy was very hesitant to do all the photos prior, but after we discussed it for a short time she decided she was actually excited about doing it like that. The two most important men in her life were speechless, and on the verge of tears, when they saw her. Her dad and Patrick, both, had such great reactions when they set eyes on her--she was beautiful! I am so happy for this couple and am positive they will have a lifetime full of happy years and wonderful memories. Adventure Christian is a BEAUTIFUL church, but because it's relatively new there's not a lot of landscaping. I needed to use the architecture to my advantage and used the small trees when I could. I'm excited at the results we got!!
We got some fantastic images and I am so anxious for you all to see them! Let them know how beautiful their wedding was by leaving a comment for them!


Anonymous said...

Debbie you did an amazing job and Ame I am so happy for you guys You looked absolutely beautiful

Anonymous said...

It truly was a wonderful day. Debbie did a beautiful job. She knew just what would look good and she took the shot. Of course we had a beautiful bride and very handsome groom both inside and out. We love you baby, mom and dad. To any moms and brides out there, this is THE BEST photographer. You need to trust me on this. You will love not only her work, but Debbie herself. She is not cheap, but she is worth every penny. We can't wait to see the slideshow.

Monique said...

Debbie you have done it again! These photos are amazing...I guess it helped to have a beautiful bride and handsome groom to photgraph! You are blessed with the gift of pictures. I only wish I could get married again so that I could have you there to capture the memories.
Amy and Patrick you are absolutely stunning! Thank for making me a part of that wonderful day. I love you!
Monique <><

AB said...

Those pictures look fantastic! Everyone looked radiant and the pictures did an awesome job showcasing the church and architecture. Love the song too- duh!

Lindsay Swags said...

Thanks for posting the link, I had some time and watched your wedding slide show, amy! Such lovely pictures for your fabulous day! Love your family! said...

I was so excited to see these photos and watch the slide show. My eyes filled with tears as I saw how lovely Amy looked. Debbie captured so much of what we missed. North Carolina was a lonely place to be on the day of the wedding, because my heart was in California with "all" the people I love. Congratulations Amy & Patrick! We love you both! Kim & Gene Fox

Claire said...

great dress! and the waterbottles made me laugh! you're gorgeous and debbie you are AWESOME as usual!

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