Monday, March 23, 2009


I titled this post the way I did, because Jonathan is a math teacher. I have been so excited to work with this couple and I can't believe their big day is now a beautiful memory. Saturday was an incredible, yet somewhat soggy, day. Fortunately, the ceremony was later in the day, and although the ceremony had to be moved indoors, we were able to get the majority of the photos outside--while sometimes dodging some sprinkles.
Jessica looked absolutely exquisite in her wedding dress and red shoes to match! The bridesmaid dresses were unlike any I had EVER seen. I think every bridesmaid has heard "Oh, this dress will be great because you can wear it again". Well, that statement was absolutely true in regards to these dresses. I actually didn't think they even bought them at a bridal store.
Jon looked so handsome in his tux, but I think what made him so handsome was the way he looked at his new wife...completely in love!
Jessica's cousin was the officiant and they had family from all over the country arrive for the wedding. One of the things I love so much about weddings are when the bride's family embraces the groom and when the groom's family welcomes the new bride with open arms as well. It just goes to show me what sort of life they're going to have in the future!.
Jessica wanted a lot of detail shots, and when I arrived at the wedding I could see why! I don't often see a wedding where a bride put so much creativeness and work into the little details. Jessica designed their own "logo" and used it on nearly every printed aspect of the wedding.

Jesse and Jonathan, you two have become very special to me and I was so honored to share your day. You sense of humor and adoration for each other, I know will make this marriage last a lifetime!

Enjoy their slideshow!


The Jesse said...

i love, Love, LOVE it!!!

Judy W. said...

Me too! Fabulous pictures!

Linzel said...

I looooove them all!

billie said...


Erica said...

The moments were captured perfectly. Who knew my bro could be so handsome?!?!?

Linzel said...

I have officially watched the slideshow 1,358,376,343,875 times. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a bit.. but, I can't get enough!

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