Sunday, April 05, 2009

A bride, a soldier and the Boy Scouts

Tabitha and Ken's wedding was yesterday. After the wind we've been putting up with in the area I was a little worried. What an amazingly beautiful day it was! Tabitha looked exquisite in her gown. It was unique, gorgeous and suited her perfectly! I photographed Ken a couple of weeks ago when I was asked to take some photos of him in his Air Force uniform. He didn't wear his uniform for the wedding, but looked just as handsome as the day I did his military portrait.

This couple is so much fun and they have no inhibitions when it comes to their photos. They knew exactly how to just be themselves during all the photography and had fun regardless of what we did. One of the funniest moments I've ever had at a wedding occured yesterday after the ceremony. Since we did all the photos prior to the wedding, the time between the ceremony and the reception was spent photographing the bride and groom alone. That was until we encounted an entire pack of Boy Scouts. Tab and Ken wanted to do their photos in a specific location and when we arrived at the area, there were about a dozen bikes and even more scouts! As we approached one of the parents to find out how long they may possibly be there, I barely got a word out of my mouth before they offered to leave so we could proceed. However, what I wasn't expecting was one of the leaders came over and asked if the troop could have their photo taken with the bride and groom. Hence the "wedding party" shot you see above :) THANK YOU TROOP 52 FROM ROSEVILLE. YOU PUT A SMILE ON OUR FACES AND GAVE US A GREAT STORY TO TELL EVERYONE AT THE RECEPTION!!!

Tabitha and Ken, as I have gotten to know you I have discovered what a beautiful couple you are. Tab, regardless of your "fighting spirit" :),you are such a kind and gentle human being who is going to make a wonderful wife. I truly admire you and Ken as he (and you) continue to serve our country. Ken, I was truly honored to provide your mom with the portrait she had been wanting and feel blessed to know you. You are a wonderful man and will make a wonderful husband to your new bride. When I think about the two of you, I'm sure a smile will come across my face as I realize the fun both of you will have in your new life together.

Enjoy their slideshow and be sure to leave them a comment!


Christina said...

What a beautifuel couple. Congrats to both of you!!

sunshine4e1 said...

That was beautiful! Brought tears to my eyes! I'm so happy for them.

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