Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Smith Wedding!!

In my family, some of our best memories have happened at what we term "A Smith Wedding". Well, it finally happened, but an AMAZING young lady grabbed the heart of my cousin, Chris! No doubt, both families are thrilled that Katrina and Chris have joined each other's families! This was such a fun wedding for me to photograph. Chris is just a couple years older than Ali, so he and my kids have spent a lot of time together as they were growing up. I knew a long time ago that Chris was going to make a great husband because of something that happened with my girls when they were all younger. I'm sure my cousin is going to "kill" me because of this, but it's such a charming story, I can't help but share with all of you. Years ago, Louie and I were going out to dinner with Chris' parents, Denise and Marty, and Chris was going to "babysit" the girls. When we got home, we were told that Chris played "tea party" with the girls. It brings a smile to my face everytime I think about that. He tried to tell us that he played tea party with them so that he could play a video game he wanted to, but whatever the reason, this was just one of the many things that proved to me what a great guy my cousin is!

Words cannot describe how absolutely gorgeous Katrina was! Since my family is mostly full of women, a new female in the tribe is quite an anomaly. All of us are SO excited to have another cousin in the family-especially one THIS much fun! Since Chris is an only child, I know that he loves being part of Katrina's family because she has a brother, not to mention her HUGE extended family! The wedding took place at Guglielmo Winery and was a beautiful setting.

Katrina's grandfather was the officiant for the ceremony. Love, faith and family definitely played a large role during the service. As you can see from the photos, the wedding party was quite large, but needless to say...FUN! The food was amazing and the party was even better! These families sure do know how to have a good time. As you're looking through the slideshow you will see how much fun we all had.
My cousin was so handsome, and I have NEVER seen him as happy as he was Saturday (I don't think he was even this happy on the football field!) Chris, you are a fantastic guy and Katrina is so blessed to have found you. I know you will make her very happy and you will celebrate decades of joy! Katrina, I never thought Chris would find someone we all love as much as we love you. You have embraced all of us with open arms and we all love you!

To enjoy their slideshow please scroll all the way to the bottom of this post. Be sure to leave them lots of comments and well wishes!

Here is a photo someone took of us at the wedding!

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Anonymous said...

A very beautiful day for a great wedding for two fantastic people! Chris and Katrina, we wish you the joy and fun you felt on your wedding day to happen every day. And thank you for sharing that love. Great party, loved it!!
So happy that we were able to attend. - Gil and Karen Lauer, Ohio

Awesome pics, Debbie!! Thank you!

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