Saturday, March 27, 2010

A crazy couple of weeks

Hello friends! It has been a couple of busy weeks in the Brown household, so I'm a little behind on my blogging duties-my apologies. Between being sick for two weeks, a couple of preschools, portraits, a bridal show, and now being out of town, it has been CRAZY! in any case, here are some goodies to get you caught up. Last Sunday I had the extreme pleasure to attend a bridal show where I was NOT an exhibitor...what a weird experience that was! HOWEVER, I did have the "duty" of being photographer for Enchanted Bridal's second fashion show. OH, did I mention that my three lovely daughters were half the models for the day? Each time the girls get to play "dressup" I am usually speechless at some point in the day. I cannot get over how grown up my daughters are, and how incredibly beautiful they are (yes, I'm biased, but what mom isn't?). ALL of the models looked stunning in these gorgeous gowns!

My beautiful red-head in an incredible gown!
Cass doing what she (and every other teenager) loves!
This was my favorite gown on Katie!

Currenty I'm out of town, and part of why I came down to So Cal, is because I've been wanting to photograph my nephew playing baseball. He's in incredible player, and I couldn't wait to get some photos of him in action. Here are some of my faves!

Here is one of my favorite pic of my handsome brother giving his son some pointers behind the plate.

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