Friday, June 04, 2010

Not sure how, or when, it happened

Part of what I love about my blog is it gives clients (and others) an opportunity to see what I do for a living, but it also allows me to share with people what makes my life worth living~my family.

Do you ever have a day when you think, "When did I become a grownup, it seems like I was just a kid?", or "How did it suddenly become June, we were just celebrating Thanksgiving"? Ever since my first daughter was born, I always felt that I appreciated and cherished each day with my girls. I was a really active mom in the girls' schools, and I always felt being a mom is why I was put on this planet; being a mom is my absolute favorite thing in the world! However, lately, I feel like I've suddenly been transported into a time that I wasn't expecting, and have no idea when my kids all grew up! Even ten or fifteen years ago (not to mention when I was a kid), 2010 seemed so far away. When someone said "the 21st century", all I could think of was "wow, I'm going to be so old then" (haha, I guess this just proves that age is a state of mind). NOWHERE in my mind could I comprehend that my baby would be graduating high school in 2010. Oh sure, I knew it would happen "someday", and it might be a passing thought occassionally, but I never REALLY thought about it in depth; I was too busy being a mom to three little girls. Maybe some of it was denial on my part, but I don't think there are too many moms who truly think about the day one of their kids will donn that awkward, yet traditional, mortarboard and robe (don't ya love the gown that is two sizes too big for anyone, and the cap that is 12 sizes to small for everyone?!)

It seems like a completely different lifetime when my girls were little. And yet, in recent weeks, memories have been blowing through my mind like autumn leaves from a tree. I'm trying to rake them up as carefully as I can so that no memory gets away from me. I know the catalyst for all the flashbacks has come from the fact that I've been working on a couple of projects for Cassie's grauation which involved digging through my photos (too bad digital photography wasn't invented decades ago). After discovering that I had photos strewn about this house-in nearly every room-I took an entire week and completely organized the tangible proof of all these memories. This involved putting a date on the back of every single photo I have, and putting it in an appropriate container.

As you would expect, a slideshow was one of my projects. I've often mentioned what a challenge it always is for me to find just the right music. The first song for Cassie's slideshow is one that completely suits her. It's about a young girl who does things in life, her own unique way~which is exactly the way my girl goes about everything in her life. The second song is-well, there's a clue below :)

Now for a message to my gorgeous and remarkable little girl...
Cass, life is a long, bumpy, beautiful road. You've already encountered so many people along the way who have helped you navigate the difficult parts. However, I can promise you (whether you realize it or not) that you've detoured off your road occasionally to show other people the arduous path along their's. The amount of love, generosity and determination you have in your soul is tremendous, and you have shown so many people what it means to live life with all your heart. I have never known anyone who has always had the amount of persistence that is within you. As long as you hang onto that, you can achieve everything you want in life. You have everything important that all parents want in their children-compassion, respect, never giving up on yourself-or anyone else, and most of all generosity of spirit. When I saw you as team captain last month for Relay, and heard over and over again from other leaders, and moms, about how remarkable you were, it was one of my proudest moments. One of the things Dad, Ali, Katie and I love so much about you is that you are not ashamed to show your silly side and you aren't afraid to still be a kid at heart. I know you feel like your life is just beginning and that you are so excited to be finished with this phase. However, like I've been telling you, enjoy today and don't always wish for "tomorrow", because you're gonna miss this...I promise!!!!! I love you with all my heart! Mom


AB said...

Um, hello...WHEN did that little girl grow up?! Good grief. And when I see her smile in all those pics I can HEAR her giggle; I honestly don't think there is anything much better than that.
And mother, that autumn, leaf raking metaphor- blew my mind: tot amaz.

Michelle said...

I too am the mother of 3 wonderful kids, 2 daughters and a son. My second daughter graduated in 2009. I too can't believe the time has FLOWN by so quickly. She was just a baby the other day! I loved watching your daughter grow in this slide show. Thanks for sharing!!
I love being a mom!!!!!

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