Sunday, June 27, 2010

What I wouldn't have given for the weather of the coast

Sunday was day three of my triple work weekend. Although I didn't have much down time this weekend, this was probably the most perfect three day work weekend I've had in my life. From the Nordstrom job on Friday, to Mary and Jim's wedding on Saturday the weekend was perfect. I KNEW that Sunday would be the incredible cap to such a great weekend. Sunday was Kelly and Sean's wedding reception. You may remember that I photographed Kelly and Sean's wedding just a few short weeks ago in Monterey (here is their blog post Sunday, about 50 of their friends and family joined them for a wonderful, but HOT, celebration.
I knew this event was going to be awesome, because I know how incredible Kelly and Sean's families are! I photographed Kelly's sisters wedding a few years ago, and I have really grown to love this family. They are SO wonderfully generous; they are FUN; and I have a feeling that everyone who meets them likes them instantly (I know I did!) A bonus about being able to photograph these two weddings is that Kay (Kelly and Kerry's mom) is related to Barbara. Barbara was the RN who took care of Katie in the pediatric diabetic care clinic. She is a wonderful woman and it is always fun to see her!

The reception was everything I had expected it to be. I felt like I was spending the afternoon at a neighbor's house. Kay and Ray have one of those homes where the minute you walk in you feel like you've been friends for years. Kay is such a wonderful "coordinator" and has done an INCREDIBLE job in planning both her daughters' weddings. To give you an idea of the lengths that Kay goes to, just take a look at the candy buffet. I have done a lot of weddings wear the candy displays were created, but NOTHING has ever come close to this! The ONLY downside to Sunday was the extreme heat! I took Kelly and Sean out for some photos prior to everyone arriving, and I know they would have much rather had been back at the air conditioned house. Between the heat and all the bugs, Kelly and Sean were pretty uncomfortable, but what troopers they were! You would never know by looking at the photos that it was the hottest day of the year so far. I selected these photos because regardless of how hot they were, you can still see the love and emotion that comes through.
Kelly and Sean, we're going to have to "create" some things so we can all work together again. I have had the most incredible time hanging out with you and the families, and you have definitely made an impression on my life!

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