Sunday, May 22, 2011

Everyday People

Everday people is what this weekend was all about. May 21st and 22nd was Lincoln's annual Relay For Life. As I was watching the opening ceremonies and listening to the awe inspiring stories, I looked at everyone there, and saw all these "everyday people"; some of whom have cancer, and others who support the efforts to eradicate the disease. The common thread, was that we were all gathered at the Lincoln High School stadium to support one another, those we love and everyone who has (or may be) affected by cancer.

This year RFL took on an extremely immediate meaning to me. My half sister is in day ten of hospice and we don't know how much longer she will hold on. As a mutual friend of our's said, it's awful to think we can take our dog to the vet to be put down when our four legged family member is in pain, but all we can do for the humans we love who are suffering, is to keep them heavily medicated. All any of us can do is to pray that our loved ones don't suffer and that they leave this part of their journey in peace. I am always reminded of my Aunt Daisy who fought for decades to beat the disease. She had one helluva spirit and I am thankful to have known her, and we miss her!
I met the woman at the left yesterday. She reminded me of my aunt because of her spirit. She is 81 and is a three time cancer survivor. She told me that her mom died at 108 and battled cancer as well.
As our community participates in RFL every year, I think it can't be any better than the previous year-and I'm always wrong! The committee this year, knocked it out of the park! To see the amount of people, from infancy to young at heart, who gathered for this cause, one couldn't help but smile at the love that filled that stadium!

As you can see from the photos, there is no shortage of fun at this event. I wish I could have spent all day there, but with a wedding in the middle of the day, I was only able to spend a few hours in the morning, and a couple hours at the end of my day. This entire event is a year in the planning, and that goes for the little things as well. My daughter, Cass, has been growing out her hair for an entire year, so that she could get it cut off and donate it to Locks of Love. Here's a photo of her and a little friend, who did the same thing ;)

One of my favorite things about Relay is when the survivors walk the first lap. They were lined up in order of how long they have survived. People who are in their first five years of survival in the front and progressing to decades and decades in the back. What an amazing thing for everyone to see that there are lots of survivors!  If you could have heard everyone on the grass cheering for the survivors as they walked that first lap, I can promise you there would have been tears in your eyes...there were in mine.

I have some special stories to tell you later on in the week. You're going to meet a couple survivors and their families, so please do yourself a favor and check back here. In the meantime enjoy the slideshow, and remember that everyday people are the ones who make a difference in all our lives!


liberalindy said...

Oh my gosh, Debbie, you made me live through the day all over again, but from your eyes, not mine, with tears in my eyes!! What a special surprise for you to do that!!! I love it! I appreciate you doing it!! Breathtaking is what comes to mind...Thank you for coming out there to support Relay and for all you do to support the event all year long!!! You are Amazing!!


Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

I was there! It was AWESOME!!!! thanks...I see LOTS of friends in your photos.

meridiansmom said...

Very cool to see a bunch of my Lincoln buddies out there! Thanks! Julie

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