Monday, September 26, 2011

Better the second time around

A couple of weeks ago, Julie and Tony declared their love for one another on a beautiful sunny morning, with their three children by their sides. This couple found true love the second time around. I haven't known this couple as long as most of my brides and grooms, however I COMPLETELY ADORE them!!

Tony looks like a tough guy, but after spending some time with them, and listening to the toast he gave, I realized he is a wonderful, gentle, loving guy-whose family means the world to him. He said in his toast that before he and Julie dated one another, they worked together years before. Their relationship consisted basically of "hi, how you doing?" conversations as they passed each other. He said, little did he know that he was working with the love of his life. Now tell me, how can you not believe a man like that is a gem!

I can't even describe who gorgeous Julie looked on her special day. From her tiara, to her black heels, she looked extraordinary! However, the piéce de résistance of her wedding attire, was the diamond watch Tony gave her as a wedding gift.

To watch these two exchange vows with their three kids next to them brought tears to my eyes (I think I'm getting sentimental, the older I get). This blended family is something special, and I know these kids are lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Take a peak at some of their images, and then look at how beautiful this couple is, as you view their slideshow.

I can never resist getting photos of the kids as they marvel at the rose petals on the ground.

The table honoring Julie's late dad.

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